VA - Monica Houghton Of Time And Place (2018) FLAC/MP3

VA - Monica Houghton Of Time And Place (2018) FLAC/MP3
FLAC (tracks) / MP3 320 kbps | Classical, Easy Listening, Instrumental | 1:05:24 | 1CD | 240 Mb / 150 Mb

Composer Monica Houghton has a musical and academic resume that is made even more exceptional by her experiences as a true citizen of the world. Her travels around the globe have led her to incorporate non-Western instruments and musical practices into several of her compositions as well as to find inspiration trekking through Peru, or by exploring the remote and desolate areas of the American West. On CHAMBER WORKS, her debut on Navona Records, Houghton incorporates these influences along with many others to deliver eight stunning performances showcased in a variety of musical configurations. CHAMBER WORKS opens with "Andean Suite," a four-movement piece, that gleans its inspiration from Houghton's journey on foot through the mountains of Peru. The sense of freedom exhibited by the opening movement, "With the Condors," is buoyed by the closing movement, "Dance," which employs folk music idioms of the Andes to express pure joy.

1. Andean Suite: I. With the Condors (Live) - Dmitri Atapine 02:21
2. Andean Suite: II. Lacuna (Live) - Dmitri Atapine 02:22
3. Andean Suite: III. White Horse (Live) - Dmitri Atapine 02:05
4. Andean Suite: IV. Dance (Live) - Dmitri Atapine 02:03
5. The Twelve Causes from the Circle of Becoming - James Winn 07:23
6. Wilderness Portraits: I. Jarbidge - Argenta Trio 04:26
7. Wilderness Portraits: II. Mount Charleston - Argenta Trio 03:26
8. Wilderness Portraits: III. High Rock Canyon - Argenta Trio 03:00
9. Stay, Shadow (Live) - Panorámicos 07:02
10. 3 Songs Without Words: No. 1, New Moon - Mary Kay Robinson 02:30
11. 3 Songs Without Words: No. 2, Spring Rain - Mary Kay Robinson 01:05
12. 3 Songs Without Words: No. 3, Snow Storm - Mary Kay Robinson 01:44
13. Epigram - Cleveland Chamber Collective 07:21
14. Corpo Sonoro: I. A Rosa Mal - Temperada - Halida Dinova 02:05
15. Corpo Sonoro: II. A Poesia - Halida Dinova 02:52
16. Corpo Sonoro: III. Quase um Soneto - Halida Dinova 03:00
17. Corpo Sonoro: IV. Dodecafônicamente - Halida Dinova 03:11
18. Sky Signs - James Umble 07:16
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