Classic Eurodance (Vol.1-8) 1990-1997 / MP3

Classic Eurodance (Vol.1-8) 1990-1997 / MP3
Audio: MP3, 256-320 Kbps
Size: 4.13 GB
Duration: 31:12:33
Year of manufacture: 1990-1997
Genre: Dance

About music: Eurodance is a layered, popular, global, electronic, club, dance, specific genre and style of music, originated in 1981 in Europe. In this genre, the live performance of the artist on the stage is basically meant as well as in pop music, which is oriented to different dance audience. Eurodance happens with direct percussion percussion and broken percussion percussion, though the sound with broken percussion percussion is in most cases not typical, but already more commercial Eurodance. And of course the releases of performers of this genre were produced mainly in Europe, but also often beyond its borders. Eurodance contains many elements from House, Techno, High-Energy (especially Eurobit, Eurodisk and Italodisko). Beginning in the 1990s and continuing to the present day, Eurodance has acquired the coloration of a more modern, modernized sound that contains elements of Trance and Techno music. In other words - it's a mixed style and genre, which is usually recorded in the studio entirely on synthesizers and drum machines. This genre is characterized by a broad presence of rich melodic vocals and recitative poems [not rap and not hip hop]. Eurodance contains a modern synthesizer, strong and fast bass rhythm, as well as melodic "hooks" and this determines the basis of the genre. I propose a series of collections in the Eurodance style of the 90s. A compilation for most people is familiar, who knows and listens to Eurodance.

1992 - Classic Eurodance Vol.1
1992 - Classic Eurodance Vol.2
1992 - Classic Eurodance Vol.3
1992 - Classic Eurodance Vol.4
1990 - Classic Eurodance Vol.5
1994 - Classic Eurodance Vol.6
1990 - Classic Eurodance Vol.7
1997 - Classic Eurodance Vol.8
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