Learn to play the piano or keyboard from scratch

Learn to play the piano or keyboard from scratch
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Piano / keyboard lessons. A course for playing, reading music, improvisation and music theory for the total beginner

This piano course is for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano, as for other instrumentalists who also want to learn how to play the piano as a second instrument and to have a review of music theory.

It's designed for total beginners on the piano and will take you to an intermediate level.

The characteristics of this course are:

You will apply the theory and skills learned during the lectures in songs that you will play together with a band (play-along mp3 files and MIDI files included). In this way, practicing the notes in the scales becomes a pleasure!
Lots of practice files (mp3 and MIDI) in all 12 keys and in several tempos included
All scales, chords and more included in handy downloadable pdf files for later reference (with finger positions for left and right hand)
Clear explanations by an experienced teacher (more than 25 years of teaching experience)

And of course: this piano course comes with full lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Apart from the introduction section (8 lectures), the course consists of 4 main sections, each with a lot of lectures that will help you to advance in a steady way. The 4 main sections are:

Scales (90 lectures)
Chords (41 lectures)
Reading music (11 lectures)
Improvisation (21 lectures)

The 3 first sections (scales, chords and reading music) are not just boring theory lessons: theory is always combined with playing a song, and the song is mostly played together with a band. You can use the included mp3 files to play along together with the band: this is really a fun way of learning how to play the piano and at the same time learn music theory!

Some of the topics covered in this course:
Major scales in all 12 keys

Minor scales in all 12 keys

Transposing songs in other keys

Lots of songs to practice the notes of the scales

Circle of fifths


Major triads

Minor triads

Dominant 7th chords

Minor 7th chords

Diminished chords

Lots of songs to practice the chords

Treble clef

Bass clef

Time signature

Key signature

Practice songs

Pentatonic scale (major and minor)

Blues scale

The 12 measure blues

Improvising with the pentatonic and blues scales


Adding rhythm in the left hand accompaniment

Adding colors (9th, #9th, 13th) in the left hand accompaniment

Extend the blues scale with extra notes

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