Habit Creation 8 Easy Steps to Master Your Daily Actions

Habit Creation: 8 Easy Steps to Master Your Daily Actions
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Use These Proven Tools and Techniques to Finally Change Your Daily Behaviour

If you've ever wondered why high-achievers get more than in less timeR30;

If you've ever wondered why some people make more money than they need while others try to make ends meetR30;

If you've ever wondered why you just can't make this new habit stick and you always fall back to your old (toxic) behavior you are trying so hard to move away fromR30;

Then the 8-Step Program to Change Your Habits is the right choice for you!

We want to give you a complete & structured guide on how you can easily "copy and paste" what other highly successful people are doing on a regular basis. Because the secret is simpleR30; it comes down to habits and consistency. Some people figured this out and used this "trick" for their personal advantage. Others were not so luckyR30;

The 8-Step Program to Change Your Habits contains eight powerful modules tackling every aspect of habit formation. And we present you all the necessary ideas, concepts, outlines and blueprints you need to get into the same effortless momentum and flow other successful people use in order to get the most out of life.

The eight modules are packed with valuable information:

Module #1. Focusing on Your GoalR30; focuses on goal setting and cultivating a clear vision for your new habit. It allows you to trim down your big goal into small manageable steps, which helps you to get rid of all the common problems like overwhelm, exhaustion and low willpower & motivation once and for all.

Module #2. Define Your Undesired StateR30; helps you to find the situation you are moving away from. Not only are you aiming for something but you are also moving away from something else. An undesired state or situation. In this module you'll learn how to use this "negative motivation" to go even faster and more powerful into the direction of your new habit.

Module #3 Uncover Your WHYR30; goes deeper on your inner motives. We explore your WHY behind your habit change efforts. Because deep down we know that: no habit change happens without a strong why. We also cover important aspects of human desires and needs. And we focus on finding out what YOU need to feel fulfilled and happy. Because not everyone has the same desires, and different desires need different focus and actions.

Module #4 Identify ObstaclesR30; covers the fundamental problems with habit change. We learn how our self-image (the way we think of ourselves) oftentimes can hinder us from making a long-lasting habit change. "That's just the way I amR30;" and other excuses will be exploredR30; and then eliminated once and for all.

Module #5 Make the ShiftR30; teaches you the important steps to make a REAL decision. It helps you to get rid of the self-doubt and fear of maybe making the wrong decision or not being good enough yet and helps you to release the breaks that were holding you back for such a long time. After this module you'll be ready to commit to your new habit 100%.

Module #6 Create MomentumR30; in this module we focus on building momentum and getting into cruise mode. We learn how to make the daily habit steps easier and more maintainable for ourselves. So we will never feel overwhelmed or exhausted and therefore never lose motivation to continue to work on it the next day. We also cover how to setup a personal environment for success. A very powerful message.

Module #7 Handle SetbacksR30; here you'll learn how to handle setbacks. How to quickly recover from slip-ups and how to get back to momentum without beating yourself up about messing up and making it worse. You'll learn how every "failure" will make your habit become stronger and stronger.

Module #8 Stay on TrackR30; a very important bonus module which gives you all the necessary tools to stay motivated, increase your willpower and choose between the right and the wrong (internal) rewards in order to stay on track. With this module building new & long-lasting habits will become an easy task for you.

And a whole lot more...

We will explore and answer the following key questions:

What are you moving towards?
What are you moving away from?
Why are you doing all this?
What is blocking you?
Are you ready to commit?
What can you do today?
How can you deal with failure?
How do you keep going nonetheless?

Also, I'll give youR30;

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